What’s That Noise is an independent experiment in making and curating exciting, innovative content.


The internet is full of noise. Deafening, never ending, let’s-just-go-back-to-the-stone-age amount of NOISE. Our goal is to create and curate the good stuff and maybe get some projects we like noticed by a network or distributor. 

What’s That Noise strikes out into the heavily saturated ether(net) for those blips in the static that draw the eye, the small pieces of art and humor and beauty that turn you into that annoying person at the party who actually demands the host to dig up their factory-issued, alphanumerical WiFi password so that you, the soon-to-be Hero Of The Party, can blow everyone’s mind with an amazing piece of #content.

In short: What’s That Noise is an online collection of curated videos chosen by the Mustache Team for their unequivocal dopeness (or they made us giggle a lot). 



WTN operates as a separate entity from Mustache, connected only by the thread of the people involved. We’re making What’s That Noise for smart people we know and ones we want to know. For potential clients of Mustache. For networks and channels we work with and ones we want to work with. For cool people we’re trying to get to work for us, and for new directors we want to work with us. 



What are we looking for? Anything that feels like something. If it blows our minds, gets us grooving in our seats, or has us spitting coffee out on our keyboards in laughter, we’re in. As Mustache’s passion project, it’s only fitting that we open it up to creators we’re crushing on. Creatively speaking, of course. (Oh, and Vimeo links are preferred.)